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Macrocyclic Peptides: Novel Antibiotic Treatment against Staphylococcus Aureus

Macrocyclic Peptides : Novel antibiotic treatment against Staphyloccocus aureusPrinceton Docket # 20-3668Researchers at Princeton University and University of Tokyo have combined mRNA display technology with lipid-nanodisc based selections to identify high affinity ligands of the integral membrane sensor domain of the histidine kinase, AgrC. In S. aureus,...
Published: 5/26/2022   |   Inventor(s): Aishan Zhao, Qian Xie, Tom Muir, Mareike Wiedmann, Hiroaki Suga
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals

Trackable Quorum-Sensing Molecules for Diagnostic Applications

Princeton Docket # 17-3325-1High quality medical imaging technology has been one of most important developments in clinical care and personalized medicine. Pinpointing the source and cause of disease in a patient allows targeted and optimal treatment, saving time and money. Applying this type of imaging accuracy to the identification of bacterial pathogens...
Published: 2/14/2024   |   Inventor(s): Bonnie Bassler, Howard Stone, Min Kim, Aishan Zhao, Tom Muir
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices/Diagnostics

Inhibiting Quorum Sensing of Bacteria in Healthcare and Industrial Devices Through Conjugation of Anti-Quorum Sensing Molecules to Surfaces

A surface-coating approach for bacteria-free health-care and industrial devices Docket # 15-3136 Bacteria frequently act as members of collectives to create surface-attached communities called biofilms and to synchronously activate the production of virulence factors. Bacterial group behaviors are regulated by a cell-cell communication process called...
Published: 9/8/2022   |   Inventor(s): Min Kim, Aishan Zhao, Howard Stone, Bonnie Bassler, Tom Muir
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices/Diagnostics