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Process for Administering Distributed Academic Competitions

Process for Administering Academic Competitions Princeton Docket #09-2564 Academic competitions, such as a “Science Bowl,” involve dozens of teams. Several matches are played simultaneously in different rooms on the site. Administering the match and advancing teams to subsequent rounds is challenging. Researchers at Princeton Plasma Physics...
Published: 3/30/2022   |   Inventor(s): Eliot Feibush, Andrew Zwicker, James Morgan, Benjamin Phillips
Category(s): Computer Science and Information Technology

Collaborative Mathematical Workbench Software

Princeton Docket # 11-2681-1 Researchers at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory have developed new software that provides an integrated software environment for exploring, modifying and displaying data. Physicists at different locations often work on the same projects and need to collaboratively share and manipulate data. The software can also be...
Published: 3/30/2022   |   Inventor(s): Eliot Feibush, Matthew Milano, Benjamin Phillips, Andrew Zwicker, James Morgan
Category(s): Computers and Software