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CO2-driven Diffusiophoresis of Colloidal Particles and Bacterial Cells

Surface contamination due to the accumulation of particles and biofilm formation causes fouling of surfaces and malfunction of devices that process particulate materials (e.g. water purifying systems and medical devices). Researchers at Princeton have invented a novel process and a method for improving existing processes for the separation of particles...
Published: 9/26/2023   |   Inventor(s): Suin Shim, Howard Stone
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

Viscous Withdrawal for Micro-jet and Micro-drop Production

The study of microscale drop or jet generation has catalyzed the invention of numerous biomedical and industrial technologies. Existing shear-based technologies require active control of both the continuous and the dispersed phases, therefore limiting their capacity for large scale parallelization.Researchers at Princeton University have invented a...
Published: 5/26/2022   |   Inventor(s): Zehao Pan, Janine Nunes, Howard Stone
Category(s): Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

Economical and Scalable Production of Submicron Particles and Coatings at Room Temperature

Economical and Scalable Production of Submicron Particles and Coatings at Room TemperaturePrinceton Docket # 17-3329The laboratory of Prof. Howard Stone has developed a novel technology for economical and scalable synthesis and production of submicron/nano-scale and nanostructured particulate materials. The technology incorporates unique liquid atomization...
Published: 2/14/2024   |   Inventor(s): Maksym Mezhericher, Howard Stone, Janine Nunes
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Materials

Continuous and Membrane-less Filtration of Colloidal Particulates

Continuous and Membrane-less Filtration of Colloidal Particulates Princeton Dockets # 17-3285-1, 16-3249-1 A novel method and device for separating suspended colloidal particles from aqueous stream without the use of a physical filter that is energy efficient, chemically non-invasive, and continuous. This method offers the potential to transform the...
Published: 3/7/2023   |   Inventor(s): Sangwoo Shin, Orest Shardt, Patrick Warren, Howard Stone
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Medical Devices/Diagnostics

Injectable Hydrogels From Microfiber Suspensions

Princeton Docket # 15-3163-1Researchers at Princeton University, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, have developed a new hydrogel material.This invention describes a new type of hydrogel material composed of flexible hydrophilic microfibers. A concentrated suspension of the microfibers undergoes irreversible gelation using a simple...
Published: 5/23/2022   |   Inventor(s): Janine Nunes, Antonio Perazzo, Stefano Guido, Howard Stone
Category(s): Materials

Inhibiting Bacteria Infection in Healthcare Devices through Surface Chemistry Treatments and Fluid Flow Control

Princeton Docket # 15-3109-1Researchers in the Departments of Molecular Biology and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University have designed new methods to effectively inhibit the entry, spread and growth of bacteria. The entry of pathogenic bacteria into fluid-filled networks of the body causes serious infection and sepsis. In particular,...
Published: 2/14/2024   |   Inventor(s): Howard Stone, Zemer Gitai, Min Kim, Yi Shen, Albert Siryaporn
Category(s): Medical Devices/Diagnostics

Microfluidic Method for Continuous Production of Microfibers With Embedded Droplets

Microfluidic Method for Continuous Production of Microfibers with Embedded Droplets Princeton Docket #14-2982 Fibers are a useful medium for numerous applications, including drug delivery. Current technologies usually make fibers of homogeneous chemical composition or employ axial core-shell structures. To create more complex shapes and compositions,...
Published: 3/30/2022   |   Inventor(s): Howard Stone, Janine Nunes, Eujin Um, Tamara Pico
Keywords(s): drug delivery, life science research tools, regenerative medicine, research tool, soft scaffolds, therapeutic, tissue engineering, tissue repair, wound healing
Category(s): Medical Devices/Diagnostics

Droplet Adhesion for Breaking Oil-In-Water Emulsion and Phase Separation

Droplet Adhesion for Breaking an Oil-in-Water Emulsion and Phase Separation Princeton Docket # 14-2952 Present microfluidic technologies to break emulsions or to separate phases in the emulsions include electric-field enhanced coalescence, passive-controlled coalescence, and a phase separator with embedded porous membrane. Researchers in the Department...
Published: 5/23/2022   |   Inventor(s): Howard Stone, Jiang Li, Haosheng Chen, Enkai Dong
Keywords(s): Chemistry, water
Category(s): Chemistry

Trackable Quorum-Sensing Molecules for Diagnostic Applications

Princeton Docket # 17-3325-1High quality medical imaging technology has been one of most important developments in clinical care and personalized medicine. Pinpointing the source and cause of disease in a patient allows targeted and optimal treatment, saving time and money. Applying this type of imaging accuracy to the identification of bacterial pathogens...
Published: 2/14/2024   |   Inventor(s): Bonnie Bassler, Howard Stone, Min Kim, Aishan Zhao, Tom Muir
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices/Diagnostics

Inhibiting Quorum Sensing of Bacteria in Healthcare and Industrial Devices Through Conjugation of Anti-Quorum Sensing Molecules to Surfaces

A surface-coating approach for bacteria-free health-care and industrial devices Docket # 15-3136 Bacteria frequently act as members of collectives to create surface-attached communities called biofilms and to synchronously activate the production of virulence factors. Bacterial group behaviors are regulated by a cell-cell communication process called...
Published: 9/8/2022   |   Inventor(s): Min Kim, Aishan Zhao, Howard Stone, Bonnie Bassler, Tom Muir
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices/Diagnostics
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