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Programmed Autoregulation of Stem Cell Differentiation into Pancreatic Beta cell: Potential Treatment for Diabetes

Princeton Docket # 07-2347 Researchers in Electrical Engineering and Molecular Biology, Princeton University have developed new levels of controlled differentiation in embryonic stem cells that are well-beyond existing technologies. The proposed approach will lead to new opportunities and strategies in many different biomedical therapies, such...
Published: 9/26/2022   |   Inventor(s): Ronald Weiss, Ihor Lemischka, Christoph Schaniel, Priscilla Purnick, Miles Miller, Patrick Guye
Keywords(s): diabetes, stem cell
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals

Detection and Destruction of Cancer Cells Using Programmed Genetic Vectors

Princeton University Invention # 08-2468 Current cancer treatments (e.g. chemotherapy or radiation therapy) utilize highly non-specific approaches to killing cancerous cells. Such methods are not able to specifically target a particular type of cancer cell and, although these treatments kill cancer cells, they also inflict a great deal of collateral...
Published: 3/30/2022   |   Inventor(s): Ronald Weiss, Priscilla Purnick, Caroline Dehart, Jon Monk, Aparna Swaminathan
Category(s): Medical Devices/Diagnostics, Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals