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An Efficient, Green Process for Cyanide Decontamination in Water

An Efficient, Green Process for Cyanide Decontamination in Water Princeton Docket # 14-2955 This innovation is an improvement to a previously patent pending process for the catalytic generation of chlorine dioxide, Princeton docket # 11-2630/2714, US Patent Publication 2013-0209573, “An Efficient, Catalytic and Scalable Method to Produce Chlorine...
Published: 9/13/2022   |   Inventor(s): John (Jay) Groves, Thomas Umile, Christina Chang
Keywords(s): catalyst, Chemistry, energy, green tech, wastewater management, water
Category(s): Chemistry

A Green, Efficient, and Catalytic Method to Produce Chlorine Dioxide for the Purification and Treatment of Water

Princeton Docket # 11-2630-1 Researchers at Princeton University have developed a new catalytic method to produce chlorine dioxide quickly and efficiently from easily transportable chlorite salts. This method operates under mild conditions and without the input of external energy or use of harsh chemicals, circumventing the major concerns...
Published: 3/20/2023   |   Inventor(s): John (Jay) Groves, Thomas Umile
Category(s): Chemistry