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An Architecture for Security Health Monitoring and Attestation in Cloud Computing

Princeton Docket # 15-3171-1Researchers at Princeton University, Department of Electrical Engineering, have developed a distributed architecture to monitor and attest the security health of cloud customers' virtual machines (VMs) in a cloud computing system.Cloud providers want to monitor VMs to provide a secure and efficient computing environment to...
Published: 3/30/2022   |   Inventor(s): Ruby Lee, Tianwei Zhang
Keywords(s): computers/software, cyber security, data security
Category(s): Computer Science and Information Technology

Transition Metal Catalysts for Olefin Polymerization

Transition Metal Catalysts for Olefin Polymerization Princeton Docket # 14-3038 Presently, only free radical copolymerizations of ethylene and polar industrial monomers (e.g, vinyl acetate or acrylic acid) at high temperatures and very high pressures have been commercialized. This existing technology, however, inherently lacks precise control over...
Published: 9/6/2022   |   Inventor(s): Bradley Carrow, Wei Zhang
Keywords(s): catalyst, Chemistry, polymer chemistry
Category(s): Chemistry