Automated Data Monitoring

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Add data monitoring to applications with minimal changes to their code.

Interactive graphics.  Multiple windows.

Display in Internet Browser for global access.

Monitor data acquisitions over time, such as financial or weather data.


Initially developed to monitor long-running scientific simulations, the software can monitor any data stream that is output to netCDF files.  Existing applications can be the source of data.  Graphical monitoring is added with only minimal changes to the application.  Written in Java, the monitoring software can run in an Internet browser enabling wide area access.  There are several presentation types: line plot, animated over time, contour plots, and surface plots.  Interactive scroll and zoom enable exploring the data and pin-pointing numeric values.  Annotation with labels and graphics provides added meaning to the data.  Multiple windows can contain multiple graphs for showing several items simultaneously.  Copy plots from one graph and paste into another for comparison.  PostScript and PDF files are output for high quality presentation.



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