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Scalable, Highly Immunogenic, Polysaccharide-Peptide Nanoparticle Vaccine for Protection against Many Bacterial Serotypes

Princeton Docket # 15-3168-1Researchers in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University have developed a new nanoparticle vaccine platform which enables nanoparticle functionalization with polysaccharides and immunogenic peptides, allowing for the possibility of nanoparticle functionalization with a number of different...
Published: 12/21/2022   |   Inventor(s): Nikolas Weissmueller, Robert Prud'homme, Ruth Rosenthal
Keywords(s): anti-infectives, drug delivery, nanotechnology, vaccines
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals

Behaviorally-motivated Innovation for Hand Hygiene and Infection Control

Princeton Docket # 15-3154-1Researchers at Princeton University, departments of psychology and public affairs, along with researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, have co-developed a behaviorally motivated innovation for infection control and hand hygiene.Clinician failure to wash hands before interacting with patients is a well-recognized...
Published: 12/21/2022   |   Inventor(s): Eldar Shafir, Donald Redelmeir
Keywords(s): anti-infectives
Category(s): Chemistry, Medical Devices/Diagnostics

ClpP is a Major Regulator in NO Stressed E Coli

Discovery of ClpP Protein, a Major Regulator in Nitric Oxide Stressed Escherichia coli, for Anti-infective Development Strategies Princeton Docket # 15-3064 Antibiotic resistance has become a public health crisis, while the rate of new antibiotic development declines. A promising solution is antivirulence therapy, which targets host-pathogen interactions,...
Published: 12/21/2022   |   Inventor(s): Mark Brynildsen, Jonathan Robinson
Keywords(s): antibiotics, anti-infectives, biomarker/diagnostic, life science research tools, metabolic engineering, protein engineering
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry

Novel Cell Line for Hepatitis B Drug Discovery and Research

Novel Cell Line for Hepatitis B Drug Discovery and Research Princeton Docket # 15-3077 Researchers in the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University have developed a novel cell line that is susceptible to hepatitis B and delta infections (HBV, HDV). This cell culture system will allow the viruses and the host factors that modulate...
Published: 12/21/2022   |   Inventor(s): Alexander Ploss, Benjamin Winer
Keywords(s): anti-infectives, anti-viral, biomarker/diagnostic, Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, infectious disease, life science research tools, research tool, therapeutic, vaccines, virology
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals

Three Dimensional Multi-resolution Microscope (3DMM) for High-definition Imaging of Cell-biological Events

Docket # 13-2834-1The market for biological microscopes is greater than $1 billion annually. There is a high demand in the biomedical research field for microscopes which are capable of resolving ever smaller features and faster dynamics in live cells. However, currently available biological microscopes are limited in their ability to follow phenomena...
Published: 12/12/2022   |   Inventor(s): Haw Yang, Kevin Welsher
Keywords(s): anti-infectives, anti-viral, Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, cancer/oncology, Imaging, life science research tools, microscopy, research tool
Category(s): Medical Devices/Diagnostics, Chemistry, Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals

Microfluidic Device for the Study and Treatment of Biofilm Formation in Environmental, Medical, or Industrial Devices

Methods and Microfluidic Device for the Study, Testing and Treatment of Biofilm Formation in Environmental, Medical, or Industrial Devices Docket # 13-2880Researchers at Princeton University have developed a microfluidic system and method to investigate biofilm morphologies under more realistic physical conditions which could be used to screen potential...
Published: 9/8/2022   |   Inventor(s): Bonnie Bassler, Howard Stone, Martin Semmelhack, Knut Drescher, Yi Shen, Colleen O'loughlin, Laura Miller Conrad
Keywords(s): antibiotics, anti-infectives, Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, life science research tools, medical device
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices/Diagnostics