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Bioremediation of Halogenated Organics (PFAS), Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Radionuclides, and Ammonium

Bioremediation of Halogenated Organics (PFAS), Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Radionuclides, and AmmoniumPrinceton Dockets # 15-3080/2918-1, 18-3400-1, 19-3515-1, 19-3517-1A novel anaerobic bioremediation system capable of:1) Energy efficient anaerobic ammonium removal, at lower temperature than Anammox2) Degrading wide range of organic polluta...
Published: 10/24/2018   |   Inventor(s): Peter Jaffe, Shan Huang, Emily Gilson
Keywords(s): civil engineering, metal reduction, wastewater management, water
Category(s): Chemistry

Green and Safe Electrolytes for Multivalent-Ion (Mg, Ca, etc.) Batteries

Green and Safe Electrolytes for Multivalent-Ion (Mg, Ca, etc.) BatteriesPrinceton Docket # 15-3142/3143/16-3237Prof. Craig Arnold’s laboratory has developed a green and halide free electrolyte system for multivalent-ion (Mg, Ca, and others) batteries capable of reversible metal electrodeposition that is superior to current chemistries that ut...
Published: 10/1/2018   |   Inventor(s): Jake Herb, Craig Arnold, Carl Nist-Lund
Category(s): Chemistry, Ceramics/Material Sciences

Droplet Adhesion for Breaking Oil-In-Water Emulsion and Phase Separation

Droplet Adhesion for Breaking an Oil-in-Water Emulsion and Phase Separation Princeton Docket # 14-2952 Present microfluidic technologies to break emulsions or to separate phases in the emulsions include electric-field enhanced coalescence, passive-controlled coalescence, and a phase separator with embedded porous membrane. Researchers in the Depa...
Published: 8/21/2018   |   Inventor(s): Howard Stone, Jiang Li, Haosheng Chen, Enkai Dong
Keywords(s): Chemistry, water
Category(s): Chemistry

Rapid and High Yield Reduction of CO2 to Commercially Valuable Multi Carbon Products

Rapid and High Yield Reduction of CO2 to Commercially Valuable Multi Carbon ProductsPrinceton Docket # 18-3372-1The laboratory of Prof. Andrew Bocarsly has created a collection of alloy electrodes capable of reducing CO2 to high value multi-carbon products in a fast, efficient, and high yield manner that is industrially attractive for CO2 utilizati...
Published: 5/31/2018   |   Inventor(s): Aubrey Paris, Sonja Francis, An Chu, Andrew Bocarsly
Category(s): Chemistry

DEEPs - De novo Expression Enhancer Proteins for Improved Protein Expression and Purification

Princeton Docket # 17-3357-1To improve the production of biomedically important peptides and proteins that are challenging to express with recombinant DNA technology, researchers at Princeton University have created a collection of synthetic genes to encode highly stable de novo proteins for use as genetic fusion tags. The resulting method has been...
Published: 11/15/2017   |   Inventor(s): Michael Hecht, Shlomo Zarzhitsky
Category(s): Chemistry, Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals

A Direct Route to Prepare Isocyanates via C-H Activation for Drug Discovery

Princeton Docket # 18-3374-1The first and only method for preparing high-valued aliphatic isocyanates via direct C-H activation has been developed by researchers at Princeton University. Organic isocyanates are versatile intermediates that provide access to a wide range of functionalities found in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. This method harn...
Published: 11/13/2017   |   Inventor(s): John Groves, Xiongyi Huang, Thompson Zhuang
Category(s): Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry

Knockout Sudoku: A unique method for creation of whole genome knockout collections

Princeton Docket # 16-3258-1Researchers at Princeton in the Department of chemistry have invented a new method that significantly lowers the cost, time and complexity for construction of whole genome knockout collection. Whole genome knockout collections could accelerate gene and drug target discoveries by providing new insights into antibiotic res...
Published: 12/7/2016   |   Inventor(s): Buz Barstow, Michael Baym, Lev Shaket, Isao Anzai, Oluwakemi Adesina
Category(s): Chemistry

Metal@Polymer Nanoparticles by Simultaneous Precipitation and Reduction

Metal@Polymer Nanoparticles by Simultaneous Precipitation and Reduction Princeton Docket #14-3014 Researchers in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University have developed a simple one-step synergistic preparation of metal nanoparticles within spherical polymer nanoparticles through Flash NanoPrecipitation(FNP)...
Published: 8/23/2016   |   Inventor(s): Rodney Priestley, Robert Prud'homme, Rui Liu, Chris Sosa
Keywords(s): catalyst, Chemistry, drug delivery, energy, Imaging, nanotechnology
Category(s): Chemistry

Selective C-H Fluorination of Organic Compounds Using an Earth-abundant Visible Light Photocatalyst

Princeton Docket # 15-3146-1Researchers in the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University have developed a new C-H fluorination method that uses uranium as a visible light photocatalyst. The fluorination of unactivated Csp3–H bonds remains a desirable, challenging transformation for pharmaceutical, agricultural, and materials scientists...
Published: 7/11/2016   |   Inventor(s): Erik Sorensen, Julian West
Category(s): Chemistry

A Green, Efficient, and Catalytic Method to Produce Chlorine Dioxide for the Purification and Treatment of Water

Docket # 15-3063-1Researchers at Princeton University have developed a new catalytic method to produce chlorine dioxide quickly and efficiently from easily transportable chlorite salts. This method operates under mild conditions without the input of external energy or the use of harsh chemicals, circumventing the major concerns of large-scale prod...
Published: 6/9/2016   |   Inventor(s): John Groves, Roy Xiao
Keywords(s): wastewater management
Category(s): Chemistry, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
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