Self-Disinfecting Plasma Fabric

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Self-Disinfecting Plasma Fabric

Princeton Docket # 20-3706


Researchers at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University have designed a self-disinfecting plasma fabric (SPDF) comprised of a specially woven electrical discharge source where plasma is ignited within the textile. The plasma sterilizes the fabric from within and can also be used to sterilize surfaces in contact with the fabric. SDPF is a textile and can be used to make garments, Personal Protective Equipment, wound dressings, covers, pads, masks, upholstery and much more. The disinfecting action is due to the bioactive properties of low temperature plasmas including active radicals, UV, and surface charges.


The U.S. Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory is a collaborative national center for plasma and fusion science. Its primary mission is to develop the scientific understanding and the key innovations which will lead to an attractive fusion energy source. Associated missions include conducting world-class research along the broad frontier of plasma science and providing the highest quality of scientific education. 



Sophia Gershmann is a Research Physicist at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. She received her MS in Condensed Matter Physics from University of Latvia and PhD in Experimental Plasma Physics from Rutgers University in 2008. She conducted her thesis research work at Stevens Institute of Technology in pulsed electrical discharges in gas bubbles in water for environmental applications. At PPPL she works on low temperature plasmas including microplasma, dielectric barrier discharges, and discharges in liquids. She works on the design of plasma sources and plasma diagnostics including fast imaging, optical emission spectroscopy, and ultraviolet and infrared absorption spectroscopy.



Intellectual Property Status

Patent protection is pending.

Princeton is currently seeking commercial partners for the further development and commercialization of this opportunity.



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