Novel Method For Making Complementary Metal-Oxide-Silicon (CMOS) Circuits

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Researchers at Princeton University led by Professor Sigurd Wagner have developed a novel technology to make CMOS circuits utilizing process temperatures below 320O C .  Princeton is currently seeking industrial collaborators to commercialize this technology.


State of the art CMOS processing techniques require process temperatures above 600O C because that is the lowest temperature at which polycrystalline films can be made by thermal crystallization.  The Princeton invention allows for the manufacture of such circuits at temperature almost 300O C lower.


It is expected that the utilization of this technology will further broaden the use of CMOS circuits, which are the building blocks of digital electronics. Applications include large-area electronic products as well as in the fabrication of aplication-specific crystalline IC¿s (ASIC¿s), which require process temperatures of below 400O C.


Patent protection is pending.


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