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A New Design of Cache Memory in Computers that Improves Performance and Security

Princeton Docket #09-2526-1The invention is a new method of designing cache memories used in computers. It achieves best-in-class performance for various performance metrics, previously achievable only by different conventional cache architectures. In particular, it combines benefits of Fully-Associative caches and Direct-Mapped caches, in a novel way...
Published: 3/26/2024   |   Inventor(s): Ruby Lee, Zhenghong Wang
Keywords(s): computers/software, data security, microprocessor
Category(s): Computer Science and Information Technology

A General-Purpose Parallel Read Functional Unit That Can Accelerate Software AES Encryption and Decryption. Parallel Read Functional Unit for Microprocessor

Princeton Docket #09-2534-1This invention proposes a new functional unit to store constants and tables, and new instructions that can read multiple constants in parallel, to speed up the software processing of various algorithms, including the AES encryption and decryption algorithms. AES is the NIST’s Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which...
Published: 3/30/2022   |   Inventor(s): Ruby Lee, Yu-Yuan Chen
Keywords(s): computers/software, cyber security, data security, microprocessor
Category(s): Computer Science and Information Technology


Princeton Docket #09-2495-1 Researchers at Princeton have developed a new device to improve the security of computers, communication devices and entertainment devices. The invention consists of a set of hardware registers and mechanisms that define a small set of fundamental hardware trust anchors, and cryptographic and tagging mechanisms that can...
Published: 12/5/2023   |   Inventor(s): Ruby Lee, Jeffrey Dwoskin
Keywords(s): computers/hardware, data security, microprocessor, system on chip (SOC)
Category(s): Computer Science and Information Technology